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Walking into the Heart of Mexico: Blog Post by Chelsea Munyanyi


There are moments in our lives that we’ll never forget; things that change the way we see ourselves and see those around us. It’s crazy how one hour of a day, one day of a week; one week of a month can change your heart. Mexico did that for me.

I didn’t grow up knowing I wanted to do mission’s work. I didn’t have anyone in my family who was a missionary and honestly, I learned what a “mission’s trip” was three years ago at a Windsor Conference. It’s not as if I didn’t want to help the lost and travel to a country that needed saving; I just thought it wasn’t in my agenda for the future.

Long story short, little by little, God started to turn my heart to those who were lost overseas. To all the children who were alone and scared and didn’t have anyone to look after them. In addition to that, I had an unusual passion for learning languages, particularly Spanish. I didn’t know how those things were connected back then but somehow God led me to learn about this orphanage in Mexico called Rivers of Mercy.

There are so many details to how I was even able to volunteer there and how I found out about the place and how my family felt about me traveling to a country where I didn’t know anyone for the purpose of carrying out God’s purpose for my life; however, typing all that would turn this blog post into a novel.

Volunteering at this orphanage was…well life-changing. I led activities for the children (there were about 45 kids who lived at the orphanage), assisted in bible lessons, did tons and tons of dishes, tended to their cuts when they played too hard, tucked them in at night and the list goes on and on.

Those kids were so loving and caring and protective. That orphanage—those people who live there—are one, big family. Of course there were ups and downs and I had to resolve arguments between kids when they were speaking in Spanish at like 90 miles an hour but the Lord helped me manage.

All I can say is none of this would have been possible without God. I had to lean on him 110% every hour of every day. There were times when I was exhausted from the heat and times when I felt overwhelmed by the bonds I made with the children that I was going to leave behind and joyful that any of this was possible.

I have truly understood what it means to put aside my emotions and feelings for the plans of God. Sure I’m not perfect; however, I understand what it means to trust God and know that He will direct your path.