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Creativity Showcase

We have some amazingly talented young people here at The EDGE. Today we want to feature the creative gifts of one of our own, Katie-Lynn B. Here is a poem she has written to share her story. We hope it encourages you to stay strong, no matter what battles you may be fighting.
Every Scar Has a Story
Every scar has a story
An unknown,
unexpressed story
A story that wants to but
doesn’t know how to be
I want my scars to show
Of how I’ve overcome
Of how I made it through
Through all that I was from
I want my scars to whisper
Of the pain that I have faced
Of the suffering from within
The marathon that I have raced
But most of all I want
my scars to share the story.
The story of a girl, who had no hope.
The story of a girl who was fighting a battle,
a battle she has won on her own.
And because of that battle
she has these scars
The scars of a story
that has finally been revealed
The scars of a story
that has been expressed and spoken
A story that will be known because every scar has a story
– Katie-Lynn B.